Our Philosophy

creating normalcy around cannabis use in wellness practices



The Cannabis Connection

In yoga, we always hear about the yin and the yang. These energies are opposites, much like the sun and the moon, the dark and the light. The yin is feminine, quiet, slow and resting. The yang is masculine, intense, energetic and active. These energies are counterparts. One cannot exist without the other. But, in a society ruled by to-do's, by-when's and must-see's, we are often living in the yang by default. We have lost our connection to the yin. 

Yogic thought articulates that cannabis is actually the physical manifestation of yin energy. It is the divine feminine energy that resides in all of us, the energy that we have lost touch with and even repressed. By incorporating cannabis consumption with intention and purpose in our wellness practices, we can actually re-ignite that subtle and soft fire we so desperately need in our fast-paced lives. 

The higher self

Yoga has long offered the benefits of slowing down and tuning in. The practice encourages us to sit with ourselves as we are and create space to feel. It inspires us to do the work of making alive what is quiet and asleep in our existence and urges us to peel back the layers of conditioned living to expose our truest, most authentic self. Ultimately, yoga pushes the student to find themselves within themselves and uncover what lies at the core of existence. 

By combining the practice of yoga with the consumption of cannabis, we are able to create an entirely new experience of enlightenment. An experience that allows each student to awaken the yin, balance the yang and create a wholesome and unified human experience. Cannabis yoga actually has to power to shift our collective energetic frequency, awakening to soft and subtle in each and every one of us.