Elevated Asana Policies



  • students must come PRE-ELEVATED to all elevated asana offerings
    • this ensures your safest experience in class, while also allowing you to elevate in your most preferred manner 
    • please note, you do not have to come elevated to enjoy the class. movement is movement and it is good
  • please arrive 10 minutes before class time
    • settle in, get comfy and choose the spot that you and your mat vibe with the most
  • class types will vary depending on the offering you have signed up for
    • there's nothing worse than walking into a vinyasa class when expecting a restorative, so check it before you purchase
  • class time will also vary, so check event or class details for specifics
  • wear your comfiest attire, the stuff you love to chill in
  • all classes are ALL LEVELS
    • you do not need previous yoga experience to attend our classes, workshops and events


We get it, things happen. If something comes up and you can't make it, we allow a 24hr cancellation policy for full refund. Within 24hrs of class time, the sale is final. If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@elevatedasana.com

  • please note, this policy can be subject to change depending on location/studio space

Cannabis concerns:

At Elevated Asana, we are NOT just about getting high. We are adamant about using cannabis only when it serves you. We are here to provide a space for those who enjoy the effects of cannabis, are comfortable with being elevated, and are interested in the wellness effects the plant can offer. We believe in using the plant with intention and purpose. We are not here to force or coerce others into consuming cannabis if they are not ready. Please use responsibly and at your own discretion.