I attended my first Elevated Asana class unsure of what to expect—I didn’t know how my body and mind would react to complete stillness while high. But, the experience was more than what I needed. I spent the hour melting into my mat with Laura’s guidance, adjustments, and the dreamiest of music to compliment. I felt entirely clear when the class was over, like I had just finished a deep meditation session, and I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t recommend Elevated Asana more.
— Eliza W.
Elevated Asana has been a positive addition to my yoga practice. Laura is a wonderful guide who makes you feel welcomed throughout her class. She has a very soothing voice and her music playlists complete the experience. Her classes are usually followed by a very calm and restful night sleep. I highly recommend it.
— Nathalie D
Laura truly has a talent for creating and holding space. She consistently brings so much intention and grounded presence to the room when she teaches, and being in a class with her is always an uplifting experience. I believe Elevated Asana is changing the game for how we use cannabis as a tool in our personal wellness journey.
— - Kait F.
Elevate + Restore is a divine way to expand yourself mentally and spiritually. Laura offered a wholesome flow full of guidance, encouraging love and peace within ourselves
— Michelle A.